Canada is renowned not only for its spectacular landscape of natural beauty but also for its flourishing geography of interfaith groups that promote community values of openness, acceptance, goodwill and respect for religious and cultural differences. Canada's diverse landscape offers a natural tapestry of majestic metaphors to facilitate interfaith encounter and discovery: inspiring mountains and northern lights, open horizons of the Prairie skies, interconnected biodiversity of expansive forests, reservoirs of clean water to nourish well-being, and the guiding illumination of coastal lighthouses. These metaphors promote inter-religious activities in various regional contexts allowing for the construction of distinctive Canadian models of interfaith identity to strengthen community resilience and the global interfaith movement.

Each Canadian religious community is distinct and unique in its own way. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two religions are alike and this diversity makes Canadians stronger. United together, individual snowflakes can create a more cohesive landscape and community. Therefore, Canada’s multifaith geography deserves greater attention to showcase the interconnectedness of community dialogue, reflection, and cooperation at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

This website aims to provide an extensive mapping of interfaith organizations across Canada to encourage greater interfaith sharing, knowledge and community networking. It highlights active organizations in the Canadian interfaith movement, lists a directory of groups to facilitate communication, and shares upcoming events to raise public awareness of interfaith activities in Canada. It also aims to showcase Canadian success stories and 'best practices' in recognition of Canada's numerous contributions to fostering community resilience through interfaith understanding.

You are invited to explore this website and learn how each region of Canada contributes to the vibrant and ongoing conversation about the importance of inter-religious understanding in the contemporary world. Come discover Canada's deep reservoir of interfaith and multifaith organizations that nourish social cohesion, community diversity and open dialogue.