The Canadian Interfaith Research Centre (CIRC) fosters interfaith knowledge, understanding, and literacy through consultation, research, seminars, conferences, publications, and online resources. The CIRC strives to attain high standards of research excellence by serving educational requirements about interfaith groups, activities and networks. The CIRC conducts research on a range of issues relating to religious diversity, interfaith relations, and pluralism such as policy issues, educational materials, cultural and religious sensitivity training, law enforcement seminars, religio-ethical issues in medicine for health care providers, media awareness, and public safety issues.

The work of the CIRC is of value to a variety of community stakeholders who have vested interests in religious diversity and interfaith relations in their workplaces, communities, or planned activities and events. Former and potential clients of our services include school boards, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations. The CIRC is also active in facilitating community networking and resilience through interfaith mapping initiatives. Consequently, the CIRC offers a wide range of services to examine interfaith relations in both Canada and the larger world.