Across Canada, a vast and extensive collection of interfaith groups and organizations are working diligently in their communities to promote religious understanding, respect, goodwill, and social harmony. Currently, the Canadian Interfaith Research Centre (CIRC) is mapping this rich multifaith and interfaith landscape to raise public awareness of the interfaith organizations, groups, and events found in different regions of Canada. With contribution funding from Public Safety Canada provided through the Kanishka Project, the first phase of the research project involved identifying active interfaith organizations in Atlantic Canada to showcase regional strengths. The second phase of the project, currently underway, maps interfaith and multifaith centers and allied organizations in British Columbia. The goal of this project is to develop an up-to-date directory of interfaith groups in Canada to strengthen community networking for building social resilience and well-being.

Future phases of the research project will investigate the number and density of interfaith groups in Western Canada, the Prairies, Central Canada, and Quebec.

The CIRC's mapping project will allow Canada's interfaith groups (who often work independently) to locate potential interfaith partners who could be contacted for mutual collaboration, enrichment, support, and possible funding for future interfaith activities. In this manner, the Canadian interfaith movement could be strengthened from greater networking and stronger bonds of community dialogue in diverse regional, national, international and online contexts.

We invite you to explore the following interfaith map that showcases the Canadian interfaith landscape. Feel free to contact us if you wish your interfaith or multifaith group to be added to this resource that highlights the scope and breadth of interfaith relations across Canada. Thank you for your interest in the ongoing work of the Canadian Interfaith Research Centre (CIRC).